Saturday, June 24, 2023



                                                                What are pheromones? 

    Pheromones are substances that are secreted to the outside by an individual and it is received by another individual of the same species. There is so much research behind the idea of pheromones with animals but some time ago I heard about pheromones through Tik Tok. There was this pheromone perfume going around and it claimed; women who wear this oil/perfume, their significant other will be significantly more attracted to them and they will "fall" more in love and become more sexual. I have no idea if this perfume is proven to be true but it was very interesting to see that this topic was in our book. 

    In animals, releaser pheromones seem to induce immediate behavioral changes such as sexual responses in animals. The book goes on to talk about how this will revolutionize the perfume industry. It says that it can influence sexual behaviors in animals, so imagine this occurring in humans. Or there could even be different perfumes for different emotions such as fear which can make us stay away. It has been proven that many different stores, use a specific odor to entice customers to buy more things in their store or a furniture store making it seem more like a home with a certain odor or spray. I find this concept very interesting because it is true for me, if a store smells good such as Hollister back a few years ago, I wanted to buy anything and everything. 

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  1. Hi Cristell,
    The idea that pheromones can elicit immediate behavioral changes in animals and in humans opens up numerous opportunities for the future of the perfume community. With you personal experience with stores highlights the powerful connection between scent and consumer behavior. It's truly fascinating how a pleasant smell can create a positive connection with the brand and more likely to engage.