Saturday, June 24, 2023

Proxy touch

 Proxy touch is when you use an object to feel or sense another object and is something that we subconsciously do all the time. Brushing our teeth, a blind person using a cane, or even like the book says, buttering your toast are all examples of proxy touch. We use an objects to feel and sense things that allow use to determine how much or little force to use or even when something is wide enough for us to fit through or to steep for us to climb. The book states that "our accuracy using proxy touch would be comparable to that for vison" which goes to show how important this aspect is in our daily lives. 

The book also gives the example of expert fly fisherman Rick Passek and how his use of proxy touch makes him an amazing fisherman. Rick uses proxy touch to sense the vibrations of the fish through the fishing line and rod and he is able to do so so accurately  that he can tell the fishes movements, what type of fish is hooked, and even the age and gender of that fish, all through a fishing pole.  I'm not a fisherman but my learning about proxy touch made me think of my own experiences with it. I'm a big cooker in my house and cooking is pretty much all proxy touch. You feel when something is done and ready using tongs or you can feel when a sauce or soup is to thin or thick using a ladle. I love learning concepts like this because it makes me go back and think of all the times I've applied these aspects to my daily life.

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  1. I wouldn't say I am a big cooker, but I am curious to keep learning in the kitchen and I enjoy baking. Prior to reading our course text, I never thought of proxy touch it's just sort of something we just do. You're absolutely right Connor, we can feel the state of something through another object. For me I use various mixing spoons and spatulas, as I don't enjoy wet or dry powdery textures on my fingers. By may of proxy touch, I'm able to get things done around the oven !