Saturday, June 24, 2023




Echolocation is a technique that is used by some animals to determine the location of different objects in the world around them. I had heard about echolocation before in dolphins. I know dolphins make noises in order to figure out where other dolphins were. There are many different animals that use echolocation such as dolphins, bats, whales, and narwhals. 

After reading chapter one of our book, I was about to learn more about echolocation and I had no idea that even we humans are able to use echolocation. Karl Dallenbach created an experiment where four subjects (two blind and two sighted) were asked to perform a task blindfolded towards a large masonite board and stop right before making contact. After doing these experiments, it was realized that humans can use echolocation just like bats. It is used by humans to be able to hear more detailed properties about objects. Humans have the ability to identify the general shape of an object and even the material of the object by using echolocation. I think this is such an extraordinary skill that animals have and its so cool that humans also use it.  

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