Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Uncanny Valley

 My worst habit that I have is having to yawn right after someone did. It creates a domino effect when one person yawns another person has to. This is an example of mirroring without even noticing that is what we are actually doing. Mirroring someone allows us to bond, this shows a sign of trust and empathy around the people we tend to mirror.

An example of this is hanging out with your friend or with your significant other for a decent amount of time where their word choices or body language changes to yours. You start to bring a piece of them in yourself. As B.F. Skinner said your environment truly impacts your behavior. We do not notice that we pick up these patterns from them because we are mirroring them. 


  1. Hello Melissa! Uncanny Valley is a great concept that elaborates how we act as individuals. We are products of our environment! You can even bring Nature vs Nurture into the concept as well. What we are exposed to creates our opinions, thinking, personalities and more, and it is fantastic, because not everyone is the same and everyone has different stories and ideas to share that allows us to broaden our critical thinking on certain aspects in life. If we hang around certain people, then we will slowly form the same gestures and communication as well.

  2. Hi Melissa, I do that yawning thing all the time too with the people around my environment. We are products of our environment through what we learn over the years and how we are raised like Matt said as well as acting like how others act.