Monday, May 30, 2022

Echo Location

I decided to post on the recent discoveries of echo location. The definition of echo location is the location of objects by reflected sound, in a particular that used by animals such as dolphins and bats. I found this pretty interesting being that humans share the same sense of echo location. Recently reading the 1st chapter in a book titled See What I'm Saying by Lawrence Rosenblum. I discovered that a blind individuals use's sound to locate objects and most importantly to see. Not only do bling individual uses echo location all human being do as well. An example of this is when I hear birds staring to chirp, I know the sun is about to rise and the sky is going to turn from dark to light soon. Also depending on the volume and the amount of the birds chirping you can almost predict that it going to be a nice sunny day without out watching the whether forecast. I choose echo location because I wanted to inform others that echo location does not only exist in animals that human beings share the same sense as well. In fact we use echo location daily. Echo location allows the brain to perceive space based on sound that are virtually silent. (Rosenblum pg.22)


  1. Great post Charletta! I have always understood echolocation with bats and other animals that use it, but this is my first time actually being able to deep dive into this topic, and learn more about it, and how those who are blind/ have visual incapabilities use it to navigate their way through life. I find it very fascinating that the human brain is capable to adapt to severe changes, and be able to develop a new way to function. For example, how Daniel Kish started to use echolocation as a child, and then later on in his life, became dependent on it in order to navigate his way.

  2. I love learning about this information, it is so crazy to me that animals especially in sea are able to do this. You did a great job on explaining this to us to understand it from your perspective. This really helped me understand the topic more in depth!

  3. Loved your post! When the topic of echolocation comes up, I only think of animals such as bats and dolphins. I just recently learn that visual impaired use echolocation as a form of navigation. Definitely an interesting topic to go in depth with