Saturday, May 28, 2022

The Auditory Approach System

 The auditory approach system can allow a person to predict what is going to happen in the near future. 

This can also help a visually impaired person know when a they can cross a street with the help they get from others. For the people that have been impaired for an extended amount of time, they tend to be able correctly predict that visible object approaching. For a non impaired person that did an experiment, they tend to "over anticipate" when something approaches. This can be improved due to the plasticity of the auditory approach system. For the auditory approach warning system, it can accurately predict what can happen due to cues that can be triggered just moments past.     

I was surprised by the auditory approach system because personally, I do not think about the cues that will happen in the future and will focus on what is in front of me. After reading about the auditory approach system, I was surprised on how beneficial it is to listen for the future such as walking down the street, hearing a loud sportscar coming meant to me that they will speed across from my view in the matter of seconds due to the revving of the engine. Closing my eyes for 2 seconds only enhanced the auditory cue that a car/object is coming.

This video shows how audio cues can be used, where it can give a warning in a warehouse and reduces the tendency of injuries that are caused in the workplace due to auditory warnings. 

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  1. Hey, when I was learning about this I was truly fascinated by it. It is so important to include those who are visually impaired. Great insights.