Wednesday, June 1, 2022


    Synesthesia is known as a systematic and involuntary sensory experience by an unrelated stimulus. This happens to those who have a neurological condition that stimulates different senses. This is seen as seeing numbers or letters. This occurs when the brain gives out a different response to the stimuli. I find this incredible and makes me think about Sheldon on Young Shelod and Big Bang Theory. I always wanted to understand how his brain worked ( I know it is a TV show and not real) but it is fascinating how the writers and producers put this into a very descriptive way that portrayed synesthesia. 

    There are multiple theories that could explain why this occurs such as cross-connections that begin at a later stage. Eliminating certain types of signals from the sensory brain areas. I wish I had the opportunity to speak with someone with this, I feel like our brains are much more powerful than we know. What if we are supposed to see things in colors and have synesthesia? It makes you wonder.,%22Alex%22%20and%20see%20green.

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  1. Awesome post and breakdown of the topic. Synesthesia is definitely an interesting topic to discuss. I always wonder how one visualize or connects a letter/ number or music with a color. It is almost like a superpower. I truly would like to delve more into it