Tuesday, June 22, 2021


       In the context of "See What I'm Saying", symmetry is the matched equalness of both sides of the body in humans and animals. High symmetry is the greater equalness of matched proportions such as face, arms, and legs; whereas Low symmetry would show the opposite, being a mis-proportioned body whereas one arm or leg is smaller in size. This also suggests poor genetic health amongst a low symmetry subject compared to a High symmetry subject which would be more healthier genetically. A person with a smaller wrist on one side of the body would be considered a Low on genetics, and a Low attractiveness also through smell. In contrast a High symmetry subject would be considered high on the genetic scale and more attractive through smell.

      This blew me away as also related right down to smell and genetics I am unsure If I'm following the concept of our book, I'm still trying to figure this one out! I don't know If I read this correctly but I read the book and re-read this a couple of times, so now I'm reaching out to the class for input. Please any comments or guidance would be most appreciated on this as my understandings aren't following my instincts and comprehension such far. Thanks! Attached is a good BBC documentary on this theory relating to smell.



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  1. Hi Vincent, I found your post interesting! Symmetry was an interesting chapter to read. I was blown away when I read about human high symmetry and how people with high symmetry are considered more attractive.