Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Auditory Approach System

      Another interesting topic from our book "See what I'm Saying" is the concept of the Auditory Approach System. Basically the Auditory Approach System is a warning, and protective mechanism against oncoming danger from other sources such as a speeding car that could be heading directly to a person and to which could cause bodily harm or death.
     After reading the chapter on this I decided to do some experiment's such as close my eyes and listen the sounds around me that I always in the past with look at for reference. One example was standing in the parking lot at work which has a lot of daily familiar sounds like trucks pulling in to front gate. I was surprised that I could map out where the trucks were and actually pinpoint their locations coming in and going to the loading dock approximately 100 yards in and to the left, I could even hear them swinging around and backing up to the loading dock. And also when I repeated this with my eyes open the were further away, out of danger than I thought. The book had mentioned this, that we tend to over-estimate on oncoming sound before it could become a danger to us. Attached is a link which delves into a lot of the survival responses that we deal with every day, I hope that you enjoy it.


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  1. Hello Vincent, thank you for posting your thoughts on the auditory approach system. I have experimented with this as well. I'm involved with a wilderness school in Waretown, NJ called The Tracker School. Here we learn how to increase our awareness when in nature. One exercise we practice is what we call a drum stalk. During this exercise, we are dispersed among the landscape of the Pine Barrens blind folded. Once blind folded, an instructor is located in a undetermined location (approximately 100 yards away from all participants) where they have a ceremonial hand rum. The instructor begins to beat the drum at a rate of 1 beat every 60 seconds. Our objective is to find our way to the drum by using our sense of hearing and touch. The experience is very palpable. With repeated practice, you become more comfortable in navigating through the Pine Barrens and eventually becoming better at finding your way to the drum. Check the school at if you have the time. www.trackerschool.com