Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Proxy Touch

      I can give an example of playing the guitar in my experience, I started playing guitar at 13 years old. I am now 58 and am very familiar with the design and concept of a guitar fretboard, being the range and notes starting at fret number one going to fret number 22. With this design you have six strings over the fretboard being from heavier to lite as E,A,D,G,B,E. at fret one to twelve is one octave, from fret 13 to 22 is another octave being higher. The relevance here is that I have many choices with using proxy touch such as darning finger picks or a slide tube or both with right- and left-hand relationship or singular. This intermingles with devices that I can use or not and combine, touch, proxy touch, visual reference, and sound reference. In addition, I can play notes, cords, and lead riffs by feeling along the fretboard without necessarily visually looking down for reference but just by touch in relation to what part of the neck I’m at.

        Until now I never realized what was really going on with this concept and how It is defined until reading about this incredible relationship that our brain has with all of our senses. upon looking up additional information about Proxy Touch I came across this video of Sparse Haptic Proxy which interwinds touch feedback in Virtual environments, let me know what you think about this really cool video!



  1. I also had the same realization after reading this chapter. I have been playing the violin for years and never knew a term for being able to play without looking, I've always referred to it as muscle memory.

  2. Hello again Vincent. I am a carpenter by trade and I was surprised to learn how proxy touch plays an important role when I use various tools in order to perform my job. The tools I often use, especially when performing finish carpentry and woodworking, require certain amounts of pressure and placement in order to create a well built and aesthetically pleasing end product. Thank goodness for our muscle-tendon sense!