Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Memory in perception

     Episodic memory is the memory for specific experiences from the past, these memories are stored in the hippocampus and surrounding area of our brains (Goldstein,2019). We use episodic memory, every time we identify stimuluses in our environment with Top-down processing. Top-down processing can be very misleading, due to the fact, that our expectations of a future event, being similar to one in our past, can lead to disappointment and in the extreme cases injury.

    Nondeclarative memories have the ability to alter our perception, though we are unaware of these unconscious memories, they still color our decisions and actions, while interacting with our environment. It is these memories, the echoes of "what we've seen, we see and what we've heard, we hear", that plays a giant role in the expectations that we place on others.



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