Tuesday, June 22, 2021


As described in the book, synesthesia is "is a systematic and involuntary sensory experience induced by an unrelated stimulus". It was captivating to read that letters induce color and other various sensations. I personally haven't met anyone who has synesthesia but I'm curious as to how it plays a role in their life. As a college student for example, they would typically write numerous papers in just one semester and I'm curious to see if their final drafts would appear colorful or if it would induce a specific taste based on the topic and word choice. 

While exploring the internet for more personable experiences, I found a great TED-Ed video titled "What Color is Tuesday? Exploring Synesthesia". My personal favorite line from the video was that synesthesia is considered to be a trait opposed to a disorder since nothing is wrong. The TED-Ed video breaks down the various "subcategories" of synesthesia and explains how it alters perception. The link is provided below: 

What Color is Tuesday?


  1. It's a super interesting thing to think about. The fact that people can hear or taste a color. There was a great video I was shown long ago and I can't seem to find it anymore that was an interview with someone who could taste color. I wish I could find it again. Justin C

  2. I also found synesthesia to be very interesting. I have never heard of this topic before reading it in "See What I'm Saying." I would love to actually meet someone with it to get a better understanding of it. I recently heard that the musician Pharrell has synesthesia and would not have known what that meant if it weren't for reading this book.