Thursday, June 17, 2021

Post two: Tadoma

Tadoma is a method of lip reading in which touch is used by those who are deaf and blind to communicate with others who do not know sign language. Tadoma was used in our book and the author explains his experience with Tadoma being done to him by a blind and deaf individual. He told us about how the individual put his thumb vertically on his chin, and then curled his index finger under his chin, while the other three fingers rested on the author's Adam apple. I think that Tadoma is a really interesting thing to learn about and I had never heard of it before reading this book. I have never personally seen someone using this technique because nowadays there have been so many advancements in technology that Tadoma is rarely used. Here is a little article on Tadoma vs sign language:

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  1. Hi Ciara,
    Before this class I have never heard of Tadoma before, it's fascinating stuff. Thanks for the link!