Thursday, June 17, 2021

Post one: Echolocation

 Echolocation is using reflected sound to locate distant or invisible objects using sound waves and echoes. Clicking noises, and snapping are examples of echoes used. Many animals such as dolphins and bats use echolocation. I really enjoyed reading about how echolocation was used to lead a mountain bike trip, and I don't think I’d ever be able to do that myself. I had heard of echolocation before reading this book, but always thought it was something that only animals used, I never thought about human use of it. I thought it was cool that echolocation was used in the book for humans rather than animals for tasks such as roller skating, baseball, and even skateboarding. I think this technique is a really cool way for people to be able to use their environment to get around, we should all learn more about it and try using it to e hence our senses. Bellow is a cool factual article on echolocation:


  1. Hi Ciara,

    I read about echolocation in the book as well and it was very interesting. I found it hard to believe that blind people are confident enough to mountain bike by using echolocation and other senses. Personally i believe that mountain biking is a hard task that i would struggle with while being able to see. This is such a fascinating topic great job!

    Dennis Drakeley

  2. Hi Ciara,
    I found this section of the book to be extremely interesting as well. I also found it surprising that some individuals are so well practiced in echolocation that they can ride mountain bikes. Even being fully sighted, I feel like I wouldn't be too confident riding bikes like that. Great post!

  3. To learn that humans that are afflicted with disabilities can achieve such amazing things was very inspiring. It also made me feel like a serious underachiever.