Thursday, June 17, 2021

Post three: Anosmia

 Anosmia is known as the loss of your sense of smell. It can be a total or a partial loss of smell. It can be caused by a head injury, an upper respiratory infection, or some sort of blockage that occurs in your nose. I could not even imagine not being able to smell, I get upset when my allergies get heightened and I get clogged up because it causes me to not be able to smell and that is just temporary! I could not even imagine not being able to smell at all. I believe that sense of smell is one of the most important senses and Anosmia I’m sure is very hard to deal with for those who have it. Anosmia, if you have it, or it develops will surely change your life forever. Here is a little article I found on Webmd about what Anosmia is:


  1. Hi Ciara,

    I never knew that Anosmia was even a condition, very interesting. I am sure that this would cause a lot of problems for an individual and affect their perception immensely. I would be curious to know if this would heighten your other senses such as vision or hearing. Great post!

    Dennis Drakeley

  2. Hi Ciara! I have so many questions when it comes down to the topic of anosmia. I'm particularly interested in how those who have lost their sense of smell due to COVID-19 fit into this category. Would their symptoms be considered temporary anosmia or would it be something completely different? I definitely understand how frustrating allergies can be! Pollen is springtime's silent killer. However, this makes me wonder whether the smell of something that "tickles your nose" and makes you sneeze could potentially be different for those with anosmia. You did a great job on your post and I learned a lot!

  3. Hello Ciara,

    Learning about anosmia helped me to understand the importance of our sense of smell and how it can relate to our quality of life. It is definitely a sense that is taken for granted. In my opinion, the most important aspect in being able to smell is having the ability to recognize our loved ones scents. I can assure you that I would be able to identify my daughter solely based upon her scent. Thank you for your post :)

  4. Hi Ciara, great post! It was very informative and added on to what was learned in the lectures!