Friday, June 18, 2021

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

 Alice in Wonderland syndrome is a condition in which you perceive objects or body parts as being much smaller or larger than they really are. This condition can cause seizures, intoxications, migraines/headaches and infections. The name comes from the movie Alice in Wonderland where the main character eats a small cake to either grow larger or become much smaller. These perceptions mostly occur at night. Along with visual hallucinations they may also suffer from auditory and tactile hallucinations. Brain tumors are the primary cause of this condition and the condition is relatively untreatable.

Alice in Wonderland syndrome: A rare neurological manifestation with microscopy in a 6-year-old child (


  1. This is one of the most interesting syndromes to learn about. Alice Wonderland syndrome is not very well known, you described it very well!

  2. What a horrible way to live. It is amazing and horrifying at the same time, the effects of such as small thing as a lesion can produce in a life.

  3. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome has always been something that I have found very interesting. I did not know that the perceptions mostly occurred at night! I an only imagine how scary that must be when trying to relax and settle down for the night. I understand that brain tumors are the primary cause of this syndrome but what happens if the tumor can be removed? Is there a way to coax one's perceptions back to normal if the tumor can be removed? You did a great job describing this syndrome and I have definitely learned a lot!