Tuesday, June 23, 2020


What is a sommelier? A sommelier is known as a wine expert that is hired by restaurants, country clubs, and more to test the best tasting wine to be served to their customers. It is very important to know that to become a sommelier it is a very challenging process. Someone who is interested in becoming a sommelier must train their palate and learn the history behind wine. It is also required that a sommelier earns their certification by taking an exam that is divided into three phases. After reading the book, The Extraordinary Powers See of our Five Senses What I’m Saying the author explains how rare it is to become a sommelier. There are only 167 mastered sommeliers in the world. This profession must really focus on using their senses to taste and smell the wine. Researchers have found through testing that sommeliers show an advance activity in regions where someone would taste and smell. 

In this video, pay close attention to Vinncent Mora as he is preparing to become a mastered sommelier.  

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