Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Structured Reflected Sound

What is structured reflected sound? This key term was addressed in the book, The Extraordinary Powers See of our Five Senses What I’m Saying. The author, Lawrence D. Rosenblum describes structured reflected sound as a sound wave that strikes a surface and can give off a direction of its location. Why is this important? The brain uses structured reflected sound to perceive silent objects. An example of this was shown in chapter one when the author introduces Daniel Kish. Kish is known for being a blind mountain biker who uses echolocation to not only complete everyday tasks, but to purse his passion in life. He may have lost one of his major senses, but he is able to navigate himself through life by clicking with his mouth and focusing on the sound that is given off of these silent objects.

The video that I have provided shows Daniel Kish himself performing echolocation. It is important to notice how structured reflected sound is used. At the end of the video, you will see Daniel Kish making a specific noise with his tongue to reflect sound off of these outdoor objects to navigate his way on his bicycle. 

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