Tuesday, June 23, 2020


What is anosmia? This key term is defined as a loss of sense of smell. It can be caused by an infection, injury or blockage. In the book, The Extraordinary Powers See of our Five Senses What I’m Saying the author includes a perfect example of someone who suffers with anosmia. Karl Wuenschu story begins when he discovered he had anosmia due to a large polyps in his sinuses. In his life he has lost and regained his smell four different times. Anosmia affects Karl when sense of smell and taste. He expresses in the book that he misses the smell of his loved ones the most. Someone who suffers from anosmia may struggle when interacting with others dye to no longer being able to smell them. 

The video that I have included is an experiment that young adults performed trying to taste different foods as they block their nasal passages. As viewers watch, it is important to recognize the reactions that are being made as they can no longer taste the food. Not only is this video educational, but it also brings a great deal of appreciation to those who can taste and smell.  

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