Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Post #3: Mirror Neurons

Mirror Neurons were discovered in an experiment involving monkeys by Giacomo Rizzolatti. In the mid-1990s, Rizzolatti performed an experiment at the University of Parma in Italy with monkeys by recording from cells as monkeys were grasping food (raisins) and eating them. A colleague of Rizzolatti was also grasping for raisins. The concept of mirror neurons stemmed from this experiment by the way the cells of the monkey reacted to his colleague grasping for the raisins. The motor cells of the monkey were acting as if the monkey was eating the raisins, though it was just watching. Therefore, the cells involved in receiving mouth movement were responsive to seeing mouth action, for which, the name is self-explanatory. Although there are skeptics, many researchers heavily believe in the concept of mirror neurons and believe it is a huge part of imitative behaviors, which we read on, are very significant. I attached an extremely interesting Ted Talk hosted by Shelly Richardson on mirror neurons.

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