Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Post #1: The Importance of Scent Aroma

The way different scents affect moods in distinct situations or places is pretty interesting to me. I remember learning about environmental aromas in previous psychology courses, however, the book definitely goes more into depth. In my opinion, it is interesting how casinos and retail stores can lure you in to stay longer because of scent manipulation. A casino in Las Vegas discovered an aroma that is capable of keeping the public gambling for longer amounts of time. Retail stores also use this strategy by using scents tailored to each department, such as a baby powder scent in the baby apparel section, etc. Although scent aroma is a psychology-based strategy, it also plays a huge role in marketing. Individuals shopping will rate the store a higher rating if it is infused with a delightful scent and will be more likely to purchase something. I have definitely experienced scent aroma while shopping, for example, if I am buying swimwear and it smells like sunscreen or coconut I feel like I'm more influenced to buy a bathing suit than not.


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  2. Summer, Your article was amazing on the importance of Aroma, nothing smells better than walking into Shop rite or a bakery and being lured in with the fresh smell of bread. Or walking pass the the flowers and fresh herbs and just having to take a smell. It honestly makes me think why I buy the things that smell so good, they just simulate you in the right way.

  3. Hi Summer!
    I enjoyed your response on the importance of aromas. It is often overlooked how much our behaviors are influenced by smells in different environments.I liked how you referenced casinos and retail stores because I definitely agree with you on how it helps with marketing the products.