Friday, June 5, 2020

Post #1 Out-of-body, out-of-mind

While reading See What I'm Saying: the Extraordinary Powers of Our Five Senses written by Lawrence D Rosenblum, I was reading chapter 6, Rubber hands and Rubber brains. At the end of the chapter it gave an experience know as the Out-of-body experience is when someone strokes your chest wit a stick, your vision is obstructed( you who is received the experience has video goggles on that only allow you to see a what a camera is projecting) so you only feel the strokes, and with the other hand from the experimenter, he strokes the air  at a position below the camera, this making you feel that the arm used to stroke the air is the one stroking your chest. But people say out-of-body experience can be a sort of witchcraft, or in other words Astral projecting I put the link of the article down below because I am not sure if I linked it right via the post settings. But I am a practicing witch, I have no doubt telling and posting about it, but from what I about astral projecting is that it dangerous. Most people say out-of-body experiences are usually caused by drugs like hallucinogenics. To me, it hard to just cause a out-of-body experience without the usage of drugs, everything has to be and set perfectly. But who knows maybe one day we will be able to use technology to allow anyone to have an out-of-body experience.

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  1. Hi Matthew!

    I liked how you worded your post and discussed the out-of-body experiences individuals can experience. I find it really cool that you are a practicing witch so I can see your viewpoint on this topic! Great job and I enjoyed the articles!