Monday, June 1, 2020

Beep Ball Blind Baseball

Having played baseball most of my life, admittedly I would never think this would be so possible! I wouldn't say I was skeptical when reading this, I was more in shock. To be able to begin or continue a sport you love without having vision to see is truly remarkable. It shows us how strong our senses can really be. This section showed me how much value our hearing, and feeling has, as you are able to continue every day living and activities with sight being taken away. As described in the book, it certainly isn't an easy task, but as beep baseball shows when you put work in to what you love, anything can be possible. I think this also gives a lot of hope for people who may be losing or have never had the gift of vision.


  1. Nice post! Thanks for the video :)

  2. Hi Joey!
    I really liked how you compared your love for playing baseball to the section of the book about blind baseball players learning to use certain sounds to play the game. I agree that anything is possible, especially with the gift of what humans have and what the brain is capable of doing without all of our senses.

  3. Hi Joey!
    Your opinion on this version of baseball is so interesting due to your background of playing the sport itself. Although I have never played baseball, I also find it remarkable how our senses can truly be in situations like these. I like how you mentioned that it gives a lot of hope for people who may be losing/lost their gift of vision. Great work!

  4. I completely agree Joey. Before reading this book I would have never known that something like this was possible. Its amazing how people can adapt to their situation and learn how to do the things they once enjoyed doing or learn a new way to do them. This must take a lot of practice, but its just so crazy to me that this is actually possible!