Thursday, June 18, 2020

Mirror Touch Synesthesia

Mirror Synesthesia is another rare variation of synesthesia that blows my mind. Mirror synesthesia is when an individual is able to experience a similar sensation in the same or opposite part of their body that another person is feeling. In the youtube video that I have listed, you will be introduced to Carolyn Hart, a women with this rare type of synesthesia. Carolyn talks about how she can look at someone with a cast, for an example a broken arm, and just by looking at it she can feel the pain. Carolyn describes her mirror touch as a helpful aspect in her life. In the video she talks about how helpful it can be for the individual in pain. For Carolyn, having this changes how she lives her life such as watching certain shows such as Game of Thrones. She mentions how she loves this show and is so interested by it yet there is so much violence she is not able to watch it because it will trigger her senses and she will be able to feel the violence on her own body. 

Mirror Touch Synesthesia || One of Rare Disease. - YouTube

Researchers examine unusual condition of mirror-touch synesthesia

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  1. Great post! Synesthesia is something that is so interesting to me. It was definitely my favorite section to read in the book. Mirror synesthesia is even more interesting, it seems like something that would only happen in movies or tv shows but it is something that real people experience.