Thursday, June 18, 2020

Celebrities with Synesthesia

After reading and learning about synthesisa, I found it not only interesting but that it is quite common, especially in the world of Hollywood. In the article listed above, it shows a handful of celebrities with different variations of synesthesia. 

One artist that I am a huge fan who also has this "superpower" is, Billie Eilish. The article listed below talks about how Billie sees her music. In the article, Billie mentions two of her hit songs as colors,"Bury a Friend" as gray, black, brown—anything dark—while "Xanny" is more velvety, “like if you could feel smoke.” Synesthesia is something I find extremely interesting especially when it comes to people seeing their music as colors. For me personally, I have always associated and saw the number four as purple and the number 8 as green. Before this class and reading the chapter on this, I never really understood why or how. After learning and researching it more I find it so interesting that so many people see and learn this way and have different variations of this "superpower".

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  1. Hi Emerson!
    I love how you performed additional research on synesthesia by seeing what celebrities had it. Personally, I do like Billie Eilish's music and never knew she had synesthesia. It is interesting to read how she describes her own songs as dark colors or velvety. Great work!

  2. Hello Emerson! Great post I really enjoyed reading this. Awhile back I saw this meme where it associated the days of the week and months to different colors and it actually made sense.

  3. I loved that you went and found others that had this interesting diagnosis! Of course, we never think that anyone, let alone household names, have something like synesthesia. Sometimes, I even find myself placing certain colors with things that are unrelated, like using certain binder colors for particular classes. Either way, this was a really interesting and insightful post!