Saturday, June 22, 2019

Post #3 - Taste Influences

Another topic that caught my eye was about taste. For me at least in never really think about that taste includes your hearing, touch, or expectations. Touch I can kind of see because if the texture of something is not pleasant, could make someone not want it. Hearing I never really thought about, but the sounds we hear when we chew influence how pleasant and fresh the food is. Expectations also are a reasonable way to influence how the food taste. This makes me think of myself how there are certain foods I just do not want to try because of the way it looks. Also if I am somewhat willing to try something the texture might be throwing me off and it makes me just not like it at all. Although sometimes there will be those random times where I decide to actually try foods I would always avoid and then find out they are not so bad. I think this goes along with my expectations, but they are wrong sometimes. Where I believe I will not like the food, but I end up liking it. It is amazing how senses you might not think would influence taste, do influence it.

This video I found I thought is really interesting and it goes along the topic of what influences taste, and this talks about color.


  1. Marissa, your post is very interesting to me. I agree that textures can influence taste. I am a very big picky eater and what determines if I like the taste of something or not falls on the consistency. This restricts me to liking certain food groups and I never try something that visually looks like a texture I do not enjoy. Great post !

  2. Marissa the video and post were very informative. I as well wasn't aware of how sight can influence taste. Professor Lidwell's statement on blue and black colored food is often described as tasting bad or rotten was interesting. I would assume if someone is viewing a food that is black they would believe the food would have a burnt or bad flavor. I enjoyed your post.