Sunday, June 23, 2019

Post #1 Hearing

I start every morning with a 2-mile run in my neighborhood. Often, my step-father would argue with me about wearing my headphones while running. I thought about how distracting listening to music can be while running especially for safety reasons. From then on forward I decided to run without headphones. I was missing the sounds of nature and more importantly cars that drove past me. In Chapter 2, research suggested all untrained listeners over anticipated the arrival of a car. I started to practice this test on myself. I often found I matched the research conducted on untrained listeners. Frequently, I’d jump onto the sidewalk when cars were a further distance away. I often run on the side of the road with a safety vest. One day while running I was amazed when a Prius drove by on my run. It scared me since I was unable to hear the car approaching. While taking this course, I had a connective moment when reading on the advancement of electric and hybrid vehicles. I related to this instantly due to my current experience. 

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