Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Post #1 - See What I'm Saying/Sight

One of the topics that caught my eye was the section about reading lips in the chapter of "See What I'm Saying". I thought it was amazing to read about how we exactly read lips. It was interesting to find out though sometimes people even who are not deaf and can hear will still read lips when it might be loud somewhere are they are trying to talk low, but it does not always work. It reminds me of the time at my job, I am a nurses assistant in a hospital near me, and I had to take care of a patient who was deaf. There was a sign language interpreter especially to help me understand what the patient wanted or needed, but they could understand me by reading my lips. When finding this out, I tried to do the experiment myself by lip reading throughout the day, but it did not go well at all. I could barely understand anything when just trying to focus on reading lips. I have also done some research finding out it actually takes practice reading lips it is not something that everyone can do. I am probably not the best at it because I never think about just trying to really understand what someone is saying by reading their lips, I just do not think about it and just let my ears do the work. I have linked a video about how it is actually pretty hard to learn to lip read even when deaf because of the different ways people talk.


  1. I tried doing what you did and I'm not very good at lip reading at all. I had a hard time focusing. It's amazing how this stuff can help us communicate.

  2. I really enjoyed that video and am so glad that you shared it. I took two years of American Sign Language in high school. My teacher was hard of hearing, so she learned sign language. Because her hearing was impaired, she understood us by reading our lips. I remember we spent a whole class period on practicing reading lips and trying to understand someone who talks fast or uses their hands a lot. I realized how important it is to not cover you mouth when you talk to people. Covering your mouth can make it difficult for others to understand what you are saying if they are relying on lip reading. I was not good at lip reading. I was only able to catch bits and pieces of what people said.