Monday, June 3, 2019

Post #1: Hearing

It is amazing to me what information our ears can detect alone, and that those who have their vision overlook very often. For those with visual impairments, it is fascinating at how fine tuned they are able to train their ears to be. I competed in track throughout college and multiple times I encountered a woman athlete who was blind and ran the 100-meter dash. She  ran alongside a wire, and it was always inspiring to me. I overheard her say how she was able to do this. She said that she was able to direct herself by listening to the gun that went off and by paying attention to the rapid footsteps racing beside her, rarely having to touch the wire she ran along. Another area of this chapter covered how our ears are fine tuned to melodies and music that we come into contact with. For me, I love to sing and I sometimes sing for my friend's band. I understand what the book describes when it says we are able to distinguish notes or keys that are off in certain areas. When the instruments flow together smoothly, you not only can feel it, but the sound gives you chills. The sense of hearing is just fascinating how it has evolved. The book did mention how we can "hear the future" which helps us avert ourselves out of harms way very often. I know for example, I have saved myself on more than one occasion from lunging out of the way of drivers who were not paying attention, or even just stepping out of runners' way when they run by. The noises get louder and the sounds allow us to get out of the way with time to spare. The fact that cars are now becoming quieter does worry me with the vision impaired population in cities. I don't like walking around in a crowded city and my vision is fine, take away the noise and I can foresee many accidents occurring.

I found a video (above) from YouTube of the Men's 100m Final from Rio 2016 in the Paralympic Games where many of the men were either blind or wearing blindfolds during the race. It reminded me of that one athlete I had competed against.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post! I agree that many of us take our senses for granted, especially when there are SO many people out there who have impairments. Their stories really inspire me and reiterate the fact that our bodies are truly amazing, especially when one area is not working properly like it should.