Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Post #2 - Hearing

I always thought it is amazing how blind people get around in the world. Reading more about it in our book of "See what I'm saying", made me think more of how such talent people who are blind have. I give them a lot of credit knowing how to make their way around the world not always seeing anything or not seeing clearly. I think it is amazing of how true it is of how your other senses such as hearing or touch increase a little. Although at the same time those senses are just being used more when someone is blind or even when someone may be blindfolded to see if their other senses change.

I myself had a little experience when being blindfolded. It is something that not everyone might believe, because I was skeptical about it first myself. Me and my boyfriend went on a ghost hunt at the eastern state penitentiary with a ghost hunt tour. At one point we stood in front of a cell with our backs facing toward the room. They blindfolded us and I noticed I could actually focus on the noises and the feeling of touch, such as if it randomly got cold in the room. I could hear far away faint screams of the spirits without me trying to look where they are coming from. One other part of the session, my boyfriend said he felt like someone touched his ankles so ghost hunt tour guide told them to touch someone else's ankles a few seconds later I felt out of no where a cold wind across my ankles for a brief moment. Also at the end of the session the tour guide said to the spirits to say goodbye to us, a few seconds later my arm started to rise very slowly with pins and needles feeling. About a min later my arm felt lighter and then slowly went down. It was definitely an experience, and pretty amazing how out of the whole night, being blindfolded was the most interaction I got with the spirits.

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  1. I agree with you that when we are blindfolded we are more aware with our surroundings! I like reading your post.