Monday, June 26, 2017

Proxy Touch

I know this may be a bit weird but whenever my parents buy toilet paper, I can subconsciously tell what brand it is by the texture and ridges. If it is Scott, Charmin, or another version. I do not have to see the label but I can tell the strength of it or its texture; soft or rough. Or even the type of paper towels, Bounty has a distinct texture compared to store brands where they may have a different texture. Research is revealing the detail and variety of things you can perceive through proxy touch. It is something many people do not recognize at first hand but to those who are blind, they are able to distinctively recognize the texture of many things. 

Image result for scott vs store brand


  1. I do not think that is weird at all! I can do the same thing with proxy touch, but with napkins. I am able to know which brand my parents have bought just by feeling the texture and thickness of the napkins through the packaging. I have even freaked them out a few times by knowing the brand without looking at the napkins haha. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!

  2. This is not weird at all, this is totally normal! I am the same way with proxy touch and toilet paper! Honestly it kinda bothers me that I do this because I personally only like certain brands and when I use public bathrooms I am able to tell what kind of toilet paper they purchase. I just look at it as being gifted to know brands without seeing labels! lol

  3. nice bLog! its interesting. thank you for sharing.... Microleaves