Monday, June 26, 2017

My Mother's Scent

When I am home alone, I can always know who is coming in just by their scent For example, when my mother gets home from work I can almost always know she coming in through the door. Since my mother works in a factory and works around metal and oil, she carry's the scent of oil and metal after work. So when I hear the door open I know its her before I even see her. I have not realized this before, I just always unconsciously know its her. But now that I've read the book, I can understand the importance of smell.
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  1. Patricia, same here! My father was a landscaper and he always smelled like fresh cut grass whenever he would come home i would be able to smell him before he even walked in the door, when I was a child it would freak my mom out cause I would yell " daddy's home" without him being inside the house.

  2. Patricia and Gabby, I agree. Since childhood I could identify my mom by her unique scent. It’s not a very potent one but it’s a subtle scent of flowers and honey. More so, not only can I smell it on her, predicting when she’s nearby, but on her belongings as well. Recently, I went on a trip and as I was leaving for the airport my mom handed me her sweater in case I got cold, because I always get cold. And not only did it have my mom’s distinct scent but it also brought with it that comfort and warmth of being near my mom. Which I never realized was all due to the sense of smell rather than being physically near her. So, I can definitely understand why in the textbook Karl Wuensch missed the scent of people the most because being able to smell people often allows us to feel close to them even when we may be miles apart.