Monday, June 26, 2017


Symmetry plays a very important part in the way we may perceive and see people.  In relation to a persons' well-being, symmetry is crucial and may in fact partake in someone's health whether they may have low or high symmetry. Someone who have low symmetry is less attractive and have a lower IQ score than those with high symmetry who may be more attractive and have higher IQ scores. But what effects someone's symmetry? It may be our very own surroundings (environmental stressors) or genetics (relating to good or bad health).

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  1. This chapter's an interesting one. The indicator for how much body symmetry effects us goes further than I would have ever thought, like how it is a good predictor for the potential health of our offspring. What's more, if a woman is in the fertile phase of her cycle, she can actually unconsciously pick up on a man's scent who has high symmetry. A man who has this will smell more sexy and pleasant. Apparently, when they are in this fertile phase, they may have a heightened sensitivity to a male signaler pheromone who has high symmetry.