Wednesday, July 5, 2017


In the text, See What I’m Saying by Rosenblum, we learn that there is evidence that one’s expressions influence their emotions. This is because emotions themselves are embodied.  Meaning that the act of thinking about an emotion is partly composed of slight changes in a number of body states associated with that emotion. Therefore, they each correspond to a specific set of body states, many of which are neurophysiological and others which are muscular. More so, it’s believed some of these states involve motoric actions of the face. Implying that changing a face’s motor actions can actually change a small part of the emotion itself. Explaining why in the pen experiment, mentioned in the text, biting on a pen produced an amplified level of amusement for most of the subjects. Or why research studies suggest that even fake smiling helps one feel less stressed and overall happier.

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