Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Surround Sound Experience

            On a recent impulse trip to Best Buy, I happen to stumble across a surround sound system for a decent price.  I purchased it and immediately installed it when I got home.  Upon reviewing some YouTube videos on how to enhance the sound in my home with the surround sound system, I strategically placed the speakers around my living room with some speakers emplaced behind my couch.  After the advice of my brother to watch Saving Private Ryan as an initial test for my new system, it completely changed how I watched movies on just sound alone.  As I was watching the movie, I would often find myself ducking and moving as the speakers behind my couch delivered bullet sounds grazing past or explosions thundering and shaking my couch.  As a former Marine with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, it genuinely sounded like the real thing.  Furthermore, I found myself watching an illegal stream copy of The Conjuring 2 with my friends.  I turned off the lights, so we can completely focus on the film and found ourselves going through some really weird situations.  When sounds of heavy breathing dispersed from the speakers behind, I would perceive that it was the real thing and actually felt cold air breathing down my neck or when ambient creepy sounds were playing, I found myself looking around for the sources.  I would never thought that emplacing speakers at varying locations can induce an immersive and perception changing experience of watching a movie.  It was cool and weird at the same time.

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  1. I have experienced the same exact thing. I watched The Purge in a regular room with a regular television. I watched it again at my friends house who has surround sound. While watching the movie, I jumped and got scared at spots that I hadn't the first time. It is cool how you can get such a different feel of something as little as a movie because of sound and where it is placed.