Wednesday, June 22, 2016


            OrCam, is an assistive device for the visually impaired that can aid them navigate, identify objects and convey writing into sound.  The device uses a mini-camera, earpiece and a phone-sized computer to assist the blind through everyday activities.  It already recognizes specific objects automatically, like buses, traffic lights and soda cans to cereal boxes.  It also has the ability to save new instructions.  All the user has to do is place new objects or new places visited and wave their hand in front of the device, while simultaneously saying what/where it is to save it.  For reading and identifying, all the user has to do is point a finger on the print; object or location and the camera will recognize all of these things and turns it into audio.  What really is impressive, is that it is not visual impairment specific and can help all blind people.


  1. Francis,

    Great find! This device is awesome! I have had a few patients that I have worked with over the years that could have greatly benefitted from a device like this. It reminded me of one patient in particular who lost his vision in both eyes and was considered legally blind. He had a hard time trying to adjust to life without sight, especially being that he was a bit older and had other health issues to deal with. As his aide I would help him with personal care, driving to appointments, reading his emails, etc. and he would get frustrated at times especially that he couldn't read his personal emails himself. This would have been a perfect fit for him and his situation. I think that the technological advances that have been made so far are just simply amazing. The amount of impact it has on not only the individuals in need of the assistance but also their families, caregivers, etc is just wonderful! Definitely excited to see what other things they come out with over the coming years.

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  3. Francis,

    I have never heard of this device before! It was interesting to me to read about because I think this device is great for those who are visually impaired. It's nice that our technology is now able to help many in needs, for example the visually impaired. You touched on an interesting point how this device can help all blind people. That amazed me! Great find on this device and I'm happy I had the chance to learn more about it!