Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Food Hacking

            Researchers at Tokyo University have developed virtual/augmented reality devices that can manipulate a person's senses.  So, that they taste and look at food differently.  In one of their initial experiments, they utilized a color-changing cup to manipulate people into thinking that a drink taste different, based on the color of the drink.  Furthermore, they developed a table that changes the plate size, in order to change a person's perception of how much they ate.  Lastly, the researchers produced a virtual reality headset that can change the size of a cookie and how it taste.  These technologies can have the implications to change how much an individual can eat, especially if on a diet and the availability of what we can taste. 


  1. Great share! I found this video extremely interesting! When watching this video and while reading some of the studies mentioned in our book I couldn’t help but to think about the food deceptions I’ve experienced myself. Once when ordering sprite at a restaurant I was given club soda instead. After taking my first sip I noticed the difference right away but after I was given a sprite I had the feeling it tasted almost watered down. I now realize this was due to the fact I had just tasted something very similar which I perceived to be sprite, and that past perception caused me to second guess the sprite.

  2. Very interesting! I find it fascinating the amount of technology we have in our society today that is able to do these kind of remarkable things. I could relate this video to an experience that I had myself, just like Emily, in which I ordered a pepsi at a restaurant and instead was given a Diet Pepsi. I tasted the difference right away and then when I was given an original Pepsi I thought it tasted very weird and not as pure sugary as I originally remembered Pepsi to taste.

  3. This is really cool. There are many foods that I don't like myself. If I eat something that has a very overwhelming taste or something I don't like before something that I generally enjoy, it taste different. Also, if I had a long day of drinking, the next day a lot of things taste funny to me. I will eat foods that I always eat, but that day it will taste different. Working in a diner I see people experience things like this all the time. Like the comments above, people will send sodas back all the time for being flat, once they get the new one, they still say it doesn't taste right. I think that it is awesome we have the technology to do and prove different things like this.