Monday, December 7, 2015

Music to my Ears...and my Brain

Music has been a huge part of human history.  There have been instrument as early as 80000 years ago, and this is not including verbal music.  Dr. Charles Limb was able to break down, why music is so important to us.  In terms of evolution, music has the unique ability to bring people together.  This is why armies march together and why dancing is so intimate.  Humans also are the only primates who are able to move/keep a beat.   Music can also bring pleasure to those who listen to it.   The dopamine release while listening to music is equal to the dopamine released from methamphetamines.   Another, important quality to music is how memories involving music are stored.   It has been shown that people with Alzheimer’s are able to still recall lyrics or their favorite song, due to how deeply music is stored in long-term memory.   My personal favorite aspect of music is how simply listening to certain songs can bring back strong emotions.  It’s interesting how music can validate or improve how a person feels, just through sound.

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