Monday, December 7, 2015

360 Degree Vision and no Eyes Needed

Daniel Kish was born blind.  To him that means he just doesn’t have eyes, it does not mean he can’t see.  In fact he argues he can see more than people with eyes in some situations.   Through the use of sonar, much like a bat or dolphin, he is able to see the world around.  He is able to see through surfaces, around corners, and even behind him: he has true 360 degree vision.  I know I was impressed with Daniel’s ability to see despite his “disability,” but he argues it is a matter of perspective.  Daniel says the scary thing about blindness (for sighted, not for him), is the ignorance and the sense of unknown people associate with it.  He would not be able to see if it was not for his parents.  They raised him to be free and independent, to be able to live his own life.  This freedom was what allowed him to view his “disability” as anything but that.  Daniel Kish can see better with his ear, than most people can with their eyes.

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