Monday, December 7, 2015

Remembering: The Cause of Blindness

While we may think recalling memory does not have an impact on task, Randolph Blake seems to think it can impact visual awareness.   He goes on to say when a person holds a memory of a visual event it can affect a person’s visual perception.  This is because recall of a visual memory, activates areas of the brain that control visual information and processing.   The proved this through the use a visual illusion involving two sets of moving dots.  The participants were shown two random sets of dots and were tasked to remember the direction the dots were moving, clockwise or counterclockwise.   Participants who had sets that differ from each other would exaggerate the difference greatly and were influenced by the previous dot set.  This indicated memory of the previous memory influenced what they were perceiving.   These result make day dreaming or taking a trip down memory lane scary when driving or even walking down the street.


  1. Super interesting, Great post.

  2. I can definitely see how recalling memory has an impact on the task at hand. I wonder how recalling memories ties into using our working memory. from what I understand, working memory is a short-term memory buffer that allows for the manipulation and organization of material held in memory. Could our recalling memory be a form of working memory?