Sunday, December 6, 2015

How Twins Work

This was an extremely interesting article about "how twins work" so to speak. If you ask most twins, they say that they have the ability to feel what their twin feels in a lot of different ways. But this article tests the theory of ESP (extrasensory perception) against plain coincidences. If a twin has a feeling that something bad has happened to their adjacent sibling and something bad actually did occur, somehow people think that it's some form of special mental ability that twins are born with - but if a child says that she was thinking about her teacher that night and the teacher was actually in a bad accident, people just chalk this up to coincidence but it's conceptually the same situation. The article goes on to talk about various cases from twins, so check it out if you have the time it was actually pretty cool! This relates to class because ESP or extrasensory perception, especially in this case where twins are being studied, means that people think that twins essentially share the same perception of the world through similar eyes that allows them share feelings as well.

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