Sunday, December 6, 2015

Playing with Space and Light

I watched another Ted Talk on Olafur Eliasson called Playing with Space and Light. Olafur is a contemporary artist. In this video, he discussed that a painting or photograph is much more than a simple picture. A picture creates space and a sense of dimension. His goal is everyone to perceive a picture as a body in front of space rather than an ordinary picture. He gives an example of a natural landscape, such as a valley. If you are looking at a mountain, it looks rather still and small. However, if you move around and walk towards the mountain you obviously see much more of it. Thus, it is no longer that “still” image but a view that entails a three-hour hike. In other words, the landscape becomes a sense of time and the more you act on that space the more influential it becomes. Overall, Olafur uses his art to bring out this sense of perception in each viewer by manipulating space, distance, color and light.

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