Sunday, December 6, 2015

Technology for the Blind

I watched a Ted Talk on Chieko Asakawa and how she invented a new technology that helps blind people explore the world. Asakawa is blind herself when she lost her vision at the age of 14 during a swimming accident. Her innovated drive first began when she created the Home Page Reader in 1997. However, she is currently working on a smartphone app that helps the blind navigate the world around them. The app helps the person get directions and even points out who is talking to them. The app also reads the emotions from the person that is talking to you. The app is much more than a GPS, if you hold a candy bar in front of the phone it will read exactly what is in your hand. This new invention from Chieko Asakawa truly is the future for the blind community, it will allow everyone with a vision disability to become more independent.

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