Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Deafness in the Military

In July the Air Force passed a legislation that deaf and hearing impaired individuals may be able to serve in the military. Air Force captain convinced U.S. Rep. Mark Takano, D-California, preposed that hearing impaired people can soon become pilots or demonstration program in the Air Fore. Currently anyone who is deaf, hearing impaired, uses a hearing aid, or has a cochlear ear implant are unable to serve the US Military. Capt. Casey Doane stated that these men and women should be able to get the accommodations that they need to serve just like any other individual that has needs. The legislation would include individuals who rely on hearing aids or cochlear ear implants. The demonstration program would open the door to 15 to 20 deaf or hard of hearing individuals. But for that impairment, would qualify to serve. Deaf people should be able to serve in the US Military and be accommodated for there disability, at one point in Military time many minority people were unable to serve, over time laws were passed and people began to accept those who were different then themselves. Being deaf is just another minority that the Military will soon over come and will open up many opportunities for these people wanting to serve.

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