Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Communicating with infants

Humans communicate in many different ways and research has been done that shows how babies can respond to different means of communication just like adults. Sounds and actions can be paired together in order to create a meaning for a variety of things. This includes speech and communication as well. In the study that the article explains, babies watched a conversation with one of the people speaking in English and the other responding to that person in beep sounds. This tried to determine whether or not babies can make the link between speech and a beep response, thus making the beep noise an effective way of communication and having the same effect in a conversation as if the  person was responding in English. Results showed that this in fact does happen. When the beep is giving a meaning, in this case responding to speech, it is recognized as another form of communication and babies can make sense of it, just like we can. It is indeed true that we can understand what another is saying or referring too even if they are not actually talking. We use symbols and hand/body gestures all the time in order to communicate with one another and this beep example is just another fascinating way in which not only adults can recognize meaning behind it, but babies as well.

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