Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Tower of Power

On November 7th, I went to the 20th annual Flemings' Pumpkin Run Car Show in E.H.T. These shows typically have a lot of classic and historic cars on display. This year I noticed a 2001 Ford Wind Star minivan that didn't have anything special about it until they slid open the back door and lifted up the back. They call it the Tower of Power. The entire back seat and trunk are filled with three 370 amp alternators, 13 batteries, 10 amps, and 56 speakers. This altogether is about 64,000 watts. Unfortunately I never heard what it sounded like because they didn't actually start playing music through it until after I left. However, I'm assuming they had to replace the regular car windows with some sort of reinforced glass that could withstand the sound waves without shattering.

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