Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Squeeze Machine

The Squeeze Machine is a tool developed originally by a woman with autism named Temple Grandin. Individuals with autism typically experience sensory issues in which the stimuli in everyday life that are normal to you and I are very overwhelming for those with autism. They perceive these stimuli with much more intensity. Individuals with autism often crave pressure as a calming release for this over-stimulation. The Squeeze Machine is what Temple developed to help calm her down when she was feeling over stimulated. The machine consists of two padded side boards that come together in a V shape. The person using the machine would lay at the bottom of the V and pull a lever, squeezing the two padded sides together and compressing the individual between them. This creates a deep pressure feeling all over the body. This technique is now used in therapy programs for children and adults with autism and sensory issues throughout the country and is very useful tool. It is also know as "The Hug Machine" or "The Hug Box".

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