Saturday, June 27, 2015

You Know The Smell of Symmetry

Chapter 4 is all about a person's sense of smell, and I have learned many new things from this specific chapter. When a woman is in her fertile period, she prefers the smell of a symmetric man. Low body symmetry in animals is the result of slower growth rates and reduced fertility. Body and face symmetry can predict human health as well as animals. In men, high symmetry resulted in more sexual partners and quick access to romantic partners. It makes sense now reading this because the degree of your symmetry is an inherited trait, so it is something that humans want to pass down to their offspring. Body symmetry is not something that we can see but rather smell. There has been research that suggests a woman in her fertile period can smell the odor effects of the physiological processes related to a man's body symmetry. This is interesting because when a woman is ovulating, she can unconsciously smell symmetry, and could be more attracted to men with high symmetry. Low symmetry was linked to poor genetic, physical, and mental health along with low cognitive skills. Women are unconsciously attracted to high symmetry so that future offspring can inherent healthy genetics.  

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