Saturday, June 27, 2015

All About Our Senses

Our five senses seem to operate independently, as five distinct modes of perceiving the world. However, our senses enable the mind to better understand its surroundings. We can see this throughout chapters one through five in particular. When one sense is missing, another can pick up for the slack. People that are blind can train their hearing to substitute as vision. We have seen this in chapter one by reading how people echolocate. Those who are blind and deaf can make touch step in which can help them understand speech. We have seen this in chapter seven and how Helen Keller learned speech through touch. Our senses must also meet with our brains to be able to provide accurate impressions of the world. Our ability to perceive the emotions of others relies on combinations of cues from sounds, sights, and smells. Smell has the ability to connect with memory and emotion centers to trigger feelings and memories. I think that sense of smell has the ability to trigger flashbacks. I have smelled a body lotion that I used years ago, and when I smelled it again years later, it brought me back to the memories of me as a teenager. I am sure that everyone can relate to this feeling! Beep baseball is an awesome way for the blind to play baseball. They use the sound to locate the ball and bases which is a perfect example as to how hearing makes up for vision. Beep baseball was one of my favorites to read and watch videos on because the players were very excited to be part of a competitive sport.

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