Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Neural Plasticity and Alzheimers Disease

      I was curious about the concept of neural plasticity before, but now that I've read more about it I wanted to delve into some deeper research. When it comes to older adults, the plasticity and neurogenesis occurring in the brain begins to slow and eventually stop, sometimes creating what we see as Alzheimer's disease. If we could keep the older generations involved and help keep their brains healthy and working, by doing things like cognitive or sensory activities, we could possibly lower the Alzheimer's rate in future generations.

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  1. It seems that more and more elderly individuals are being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease than were in the past. This incline is definitely troubling for younger generations, but also motivating. Such a phenomenon will definitely lead to further research being done on the disease, and if there is anything that can block deterioration of memory. I agree that keeping up with cognitive exercises will help decrease the risk! Great post!